Sketches and Gestures from Life - #1

These are the first of many sketches that I have done from life over the past month.  My commercial figure drawing class regularly went to the library to make gestures of the people there.  We use a simplified tube-and-block version of the human figure to get the main gesture of the pose.  It is important to be quick.  You never know when someone is going to move, which is why it is also important to use memory to finish many of the poses. librarysketches1 librarysketches2

I'm Back - and Updated the Look of the Site

I'm back to school and back to the chopping block.  I'll be posting a lot more (for real this time-- it is requirement of some of my classes).  I have  wanted to update the look of my site forever because I felt as if the colors in the background were a bit distracting.  Now I have finally had the chance to changed it to something a bit more subdued.  I hope it reminds people of the taste and smell of coffee, because that was what was on my mind as I was painting it.  Nothing puts me in a better mood than sitting and reading with a nice cup of coffee.  I was working with watercolor yesterday in order to create the look.  Below is the full version of the self-portrait that I made for the new header. painting

For those of you curious to know, I created most of this painting with watercolor and added a few accents in photoshop. (not too much as I did not want to lose the texture or the imperfect feel)  I have finally decided to embrace my glasses, since most days I end up wearing them rather than bothering with contacts.  I'll have a post up tomorrow with rough animation gestures and sketches!

Figure as landscape: Post 2

I chose Catherine Unger and Jenny Dolfen as inspirational artists for my color themes.  Catherine Ungers colors schemes tend to be complimentary or accented analogic.  Most of the colors fit smoothly with each other, but she includes accents of a complimentary to add interest to her pieces.  To see works by Catherine Ungers click this link . Jenny Dolfen often uses monochromatic colors, or analogic colors that are very close on the color wheel.  However, with this limited palette seems to strengthen her pieces and give them a harmony of their own.  To see Jenny Dolfen's work click this link.

Below are the color schemes I have made based off of these artists.

I have tried placing my second color scheme with my first idea to observe the look.Image

I have been experimenting with some new methods for my second idea, such as placing the landscape scene underwater instead of in a dessert.  I also started mixing the fourth color scheme shown with this idea.Image

Figure as Landscape: Post 1

The first picture displays the work of Lotte Reiniger (left) and Amanita Design (right).  I chose these people as my inspirational artists for this project, because they both have the ability to create beautiful and interesting landscapes.  Lotte Reiniger was an animator that used silhouetted cut-outs to make her movies.  Using only cardboard and ink on transparency she manages to make surprisingly detailed landscapes with  an amazing amount of depth.  Amanita Design is a group responsible for point-and-click games such  as Machinarium.  Their designs are playful and detailed in a way that captures the viewers imagination.  Their backgrounds also contain movement, whether of clouds or various insects, that I would like to be able to incorporate into my pieces as well.

The second picture is my first rough idea for this project.  I would create landscapes like this using mostly the face and hair of a person.  However, I would take the project further in detail and incorporate movement in the picture.  Perhaps, the branches of  the tree could sway and the snow could fall from the sky.

The third picture is my second rough idea for this project.  It involves making a fantasy landscape exclusively by manipulating photos of hands, feet, fingers, and toes.  If I took this route I would like to incorporate movement as well.