self portrait

I'm Back - and Updated the Look of the Site

I'm back to school and back to the chopping block.  I'll be posting a lot more (for real this time-- it is requirement of some of my classes).  I have  wanted to update the look of my site forever because I felt as if the colors in the background were a bit distracting.  Now I have finally had the chance to changed it to something a bit more subdued.  I hope it reminds people of the taste and smell of coffee, because that was what was on my mind as I was painting it.  Nothing puts me in a better mood than sitting and reading with a nice cup of coffee.  I was working with watercolor yesterday in order to create the look.  Below is the full version of the self-portrait that I made for the new header. painting

For those of you curious to know, I created most of this painting with watercolor and added a few accents in photoshop. (not too much as I did not want to lose the texture or the imperfect feel)  I have finally decided to embrace my glasses, since most days I end up wearing them rather than bothering with contacts.  I'll have a post up tomorrow with rough animation gestures and sketches!