Digital Painting Practice

So, I haven't posted in a bit.  I have to admit I got distracted by winter break.  However, I didn't forget to practice my skills.  I am trying to become a better digital painter so I have been slowly working on this piece.  Here is how the progress is going. Don't worry.  The color will be added back in later!




Figure as Landscape Final: Post 4

Put the video in HD for best quality!

This is my final product for my design for media project, figure as landscape.  I have added additional hands to the video to add a larger variety of textures.  Color changes have been made to the existing hands to increase contrast between fingers.  I have also added some affects to the lighting in order to achieve an underwater look.  I animated human eyes to look like fish and added these creatures in to the video as well to interact with the scene.

This is the color scheme I followed

color theme
color theme

Manual Photo Practice

I had to wait for the rain to stop to take these, but the weather actually worked t my advantage.  Thanks to the rain I got some nice pictures of water droplets on the plants.  The camera I borrowed also had a great zoom that allowed me to take pictures of sparrows without them flying away.  Check out the slideshow above.

Figure as landscape: Post 2

I chose Catherine Unger and Jenny Dolfen as inspirational artists for my color themes.  Catherine Ungers colors schemes tend to be complimentary or accented analogic.  Most of the colors fit smoothly with each other, but she includes accents of a complimentary to add interest to her pieces.  To see works by Catherine Ungers click this link . Jenny Dolfen often uses monochromatic colors, or analogic colors that are very close on the color wheel.  However, with this limited palette seems to strengthen her pieces and give them a harmony of their own.  To see Jenny Dolfen's work click this link.

Below are the color schemes I have made based off of these artists.

I have tried placing my second color scheme with my first idea to observe the look.Image

I have been experimenting with some new methods for my second idea, such as placing the landscape scene underwater instead of in a dessert.  I also started mixing the fourth color scheme shown with this idea.Image