Interactive Time Turner

So it is impossible for me to embed my interactive time turner straight into wordpress like I would like.  To see it press the link below. It might show a short commercial beforehand since I am using a free account on Kongregate.  This is a cool rendition of my previous time turner that is FULLY INTERACTIVE!   I imported my models into Unity, did a bit of coding magic, and Wallah!  (by "bit of coding magic" I mean hours of work (: )You can drag and release the mouse to make it spin fast or slow and hear cool sound effects.  Thanks to Timbre from for the sound effect. Here is the link Time TurnerclickToConnect

Once again a reminder that although I did model and code this time turner the design is fashioned after the version in the Harry Potter movies.

Time Turner Animation

Look!  I kept my promise of posting on Tuesday.  So I have been working on this for a while in order to practice modeling and learn about particles in maya.  In case you cannot tell, I am a huge Harry Potter fan and this time turner is not of my own design, but is based off the version in the movies.  I had a lot of fun and a lot of frustration with this.  Here is to learning and improvement.  I will try to post again next Tuesday!

2d Animation Sophomore Demo Reel

If you are following my blog, you may have seen some of the animations from my demo reel already.  This is everything from my animation II class this semester with a nice bow on top(and by bow I mean music).  I meant to post this sooner.  I know I say that every time, but I really did!  I am thinking of maybe making deadlines for myself  in the future.  Perhaps, every Tuesday?  Anyway, if you have never seen any of my animations, this is the one to check out!

Computer Animation I Final

Under ideal conditions, I would have liked to have had the time to make more background elements for this animation.  However, this was during finals and time was...well... limited.   After last week being so busy its been nice to have this past week to relax, but I promise to have more work up really soon.

Character Personality Walk Cycle

I've been meaning to post this, but lately I've been so busy that I hardly remember to breathe.  Well, now  finals are over and I am done with school for the semester.  Hopefully, I will be able to increase my posts over the summer.  I plan on returning to some of my traditional roots and doing more 3D sculpey work .  I also want to practice digital painting some more.

Character Design for Animation II

For my animation II class we were supposed to design a character that we can use throughout the semester for our assignments.  This way we would not have to waste time designing a new character before each assignment.  I came up with this simple design of a girl I call Susan.  I think that she will be fun to animate and I am exited to get started.susan_turn_aroundSusan_guide_emotions

Digital Painting Practice

So, I haven't posted in a bit.  I have to admit I got distracted by winter break.  However, I didn't forget to practice my skills.  I am trying to become a better digital painter so I have been slowly working on this piece.  Here is how the progress is going. Don't worry.  The color will be added back in later!




Student Project: Post 4

So, this week I have been making a wire octopus arm as a test.  Today I experimented with making a short stop-motion animation with it.  You can see the video below.

I am satisfied with its ability to move without being too flimsy, stiff, or damaging itself.  However, I wish I was able to put the skin on as well.  Unfortunately, Jo Anne's fabrics is being a bit slow with the delivery of supplies.  For next week I plan on constructing the wire skeleton of the armature to the best of my abilities.  I was originally hoping on having a finished product by next time, but have learned that creating a stop-motion puppet involves more preparation than I had previously thought.

For a closer look into the design of the arm, you can look at the pictures below.


Student Choice Project: Post 3

Well, after some redesigning of my chosen character from last week, I have chosen a design.  Below are some thumbnails that I did.I decided on making him more octopus-like (In the current design he has 8 arms and plays 4 string instruments in a solo quartet.)  He is playing the violin, chello, bass, and harp stimultaniously!  He has features that look somewhat like a friendly grampa (I imagine his personality reflects such as well).and here is the back view.I have also started planning how to make this character into a feasible puppet.  I will be making his structure with wire.   I plan enabling the body to have a certain amount of flexibility so that he can squash and stretch a bit without breaking of losing structure.  Below are some rough plans that may be modified in the building process.The skin will be made out of fabric and sewn on top of the armature.  The eyes will be made out of hardened and painted sculpty, while the eyelids and lips will be formed from modeling clay.  Next week I will submit my progress on the armature as well as color designs.

Student Choice Project: Post2

So, this past week I have been working on possible character designs for my stop-motion puppet.  I have 6 character designs that I am hoping the class will help me choose from.
I have also been researching how to make this armature possible.  Unfortunately, buying a stop-motion armature is out of my budget.  I have seen many interesting ways to make one's own armatures.  This site has many created from screws, nuts, and other items.  However, I think a better solution may be to get an "Adam the Doodles Man" from Blick and modify the wire skeleton for my own uses.  It has nice joints, is a lot cheaper than an actual stop motion armature, and will allow me more time to build the body on top of the skeleton.

This coming week I will be working on designing the chosen character from multiple angles and begin trying to find  or make a skeleton for my puppet.

Project Pipeline: Final Animation

 So this is my group's final product for our project pipeline project that we have been working on for the last 5 weeks.  This is a student made and student directed project.  To see the blog of the director Emma click here.

And this is our "Making of" for "The Lost Files".  Enjoy!

Project Pipeline: Post 5

 Its been a busy week!  The finished product is coming soon!  This week I colored scene 8, cleaned up and colored scene 11, and colored scenes 12, 13, and 14. Much thanks to Renée Taylor for coloring in the eyes, mouth, and ears of the creature afterward and adding the trasparencey.  I will be in the labs tomorrow helping to put this together.

Project Pipeline: Post 4

This week I finished roughing out the scenes assigned to me (13, 14, and 15).  In some of the scenes I manipulated the storyboard so that the viewer gets the sense of background movement.  For the creature, I wanted to add character to his movements and make sure that he never truly stays still.  It was actually quite fun to animate the bubbly little creature.  What was more difficult were some of the walk and run cycles involved in these scenes.  Her pony tail seems to move a bit too much during the walk in scene 13.  In scene 15, I decided to make her notice the slenderman before running to add more character and give more reason for the run.  All in all, i had really enjoyed animating these scenes.

Pipeline: Post 2

So this last week we were supposed to experiment with the characters.  I wanted to play with moving the girl in 3 dimensional space.  I have also added a bit to what I did on Thursday so that I could play with her emotions and the secondary actions of her hair and sweatshirt.  These are rough and are supposed to indicate motion and a general sense of shape and weight without becoming too detailed.