Student Choice Project: Post 3

Well, after some redesigning of my chosen character from last week, I have chosen a design.  Below are some thumbnails that I did.I decided on making him more octopus-like (In the current design he has 8 arms and plays 4 string instruments in a solo quartet.)  He is playing the violin, chello, bass, and harp stimultaniously!  He has features that look somewhat like a friendly grampa (I imagine his personality reflects such as well).and here is the back view.I have also started planning how to make this character into a feasible puppet.  I will be making his structure with wire.   I plan enabling the body to have a certain amount of flexibility so that he can squash and stretch a bit without breaking of losing structure.  Below are some rough plans that may be modified in the building process.The skin will be made out of fabric and sewn on top of the armature.  The eyes will be made out of hardened and painted sculpty, while the eyelids and lips will be formed from modeling clay.  Next week I will submit my progress on the armature as well as color designs.