Student Choice Project: Post2

So, this past week I have been working on possible character designs for my stop-motion puppet.  I have 6 character designs that I am hoping the class will help me choose from.
I have also been researching how to make this armature possible.  Unfortunately, buying a stop-motion armature is out of my budget.  I have seen many interesting ways to make one's own armatures.  This site has many created from screws, nuts, and other items.  However, I think a better solution may be to get an "Adam the Doodles Man" from Blick and modify the wire skeleton for my own uses.  It has nice joints, is a lot cheaper than an actual stop motion armature, and will allow me more time to build the body on top of the skeleton.

This coming week I will be working on designing the chosen character from multiple angles and begin trying to find  or make a skeleton for my puppet.