Student Choice Project: Post 1

For my final project in Design for Media, I would like to design and create a stop-motion puppet.  Stop-motion has always been of great interest to me, and I wish to explore it by making these pre-production puppet.  For materials, I will most likely use sculpt (both cooked and uncooked), wire, fabric, and various other materials. This is an example of an armature from The Corpse Bride without its top layers.

I, of course, cannot make an armature nearly as complex as this, but I plan on experimenting with wire to create the structure.  I will use both flexible and touch wire so that I can decide which portions will be more or less bendable.

Wallace and Gromit characters are simpler and have a discernible charm.

They are made from modeling clay on metal armatures.  I intend to use similar process to make my puppet.


I have split my schedule for the project into weeks.

November 12 - November 18: Work on character design and draw characters from multiple perspectives

November 26 - December 2:  Design armature and begin building

December 3 - December 9:  Finish building and begin to add accessories (clothes, hair, etc.)

December 10 - December 16:  Final touches (includes finishing accessories and making sure the puppet is functional

I am very excited for this project and will be back next week with a post on my character design