Figure as Landscape: Post 1

The first picture displays the work of Lotte Reiniger (left) and Amanita Design (right).  I chose these people as my inspirational artists for this project, because they both have the ability to create beautiful and interesting landscapes.  Lotte Reiniger was an animator that used silhouetted cut-outs to make her movies.  Using only cardboard and ink on transparency she manages to make surprisingly detailed landscapes with  an amazing amount of depth.  Amanita Design is a group responsible for point-and-click games such  as Machinarium.  Their designs are playful and detailed in a way that captures the viewers imagination.  Their backgrounds also contain movement, whether of clouds or various insects, that I would like to be able to incorporate into my pieces as well.

The second picture is my first rough idea for this project.  I would create landscapes like this using mostly the face and hair of a person.  However, I would take the project further in detail and incorporate movement in the picture.  Perhaps, the branches of  the tree could sway and the snow could fall from the sky.

The third picture is my second rough idea for this project.  It involves making a fantasy landscape exclusively by manipulating photos of hands, feet, fingers, and toes.  If I took this route I would like to incorporate movement as well.